A project for Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks For the Commons launch event at the Newton Park Campus Bath Spa University Our project was Project:     Water – in its ability to change its own form Contributors:  Michie Lyne & Rupert Brakspear An installation that explores sounds, vision and tactility in art, with an exploration of where arts and sciences meet, investigating […]

The atmosphere gallery at Science Museum

http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/climatechanging/atmospheregallery.aspx http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum_old/accessibility/~/media/8454755BF093412681BFC2B5E58DBCA8.ashx Permanent Exhibition – Atmosphere Visited 27th December 2013 • Understand an installation art in a different media • Responding the architectural space • An immersive and interactive space • Function – ecology, an effect on climate change What significant about the room, to me, was the use of ceiling space; a star like […]

Forget Mega-Corporations, Here’s The Mega-Network

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
We live in the age of cryptocurrency heists, Chinese moon landings, eco-disasters and electronic cigarettes. Sounds like something out of a cyberpunk novel. Well, a cyberpunk novel without the brain implants, but don’t worry, those are coming, too. But one big cyberpunk theme that hasn’t come to pass is the rise of mega-corporations…

Marshall McLuha…

Marshall McLuhan, ‘The Medium is the Message’, ‘Cotton and oil, like radio and TV, become “fixed charges” on the entire psychic life of the community. And this pervasive fact creates the unique cultural flavor of any society.’ (1994 p. 21) Marshall, McLuhan., 1994. Understanding Media the Extension of Man, 8th ed. Massachusetts: The MIT Press, […]

Augmented Reality Is Almost Everywhere

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
There is less difference between our work and home devices, our tablets and our mobile phones. They are not meant for “work” or for the “home.” We just use them wherever we are. The idea of a balance or even the concept of an enterprise hardware manufacturer seems quaint. The difference,…